About the-reviewer.com

No nonsense digital product reviews. It’s a big claim these days; it’s a big claim in a world where most reviews are thinly veiled sales pitches. That’s the problem I see with the majority of ‘review sites’ – they have a relationship with the product vendor that sees them rewarded by a commission for sales. So if you buy, they get paid. Now, I ask you, how can that ever lead to an unbiased review?

This site is different. For a start, I openly admit that I have a relationship with the product vendor and that I receive a commission every time I send over a visitor who ends up buying. Secondly, I give you a choice of links you can use to visit their site – one that means I get paid, and one that doesn’t. If you think I did a good job in my report on the product you can use the former. The cost to you is the same but using my link also means you are eligible for a bonus – my thank you to you.

Now, unfortunately I don’t have the resources to purchase and individually review every product on this site. Maybe one day I’ll be able to, but for the time being I can’t. So instead I compile all the information I can on the product and leave the real reviewing up to my readers. So really, the-reviewer.com is you…

Wait a minute…what if you buy and end up giving a product a bad review? Haven’t you just wasted your money? Well, no. Firstly, because every product reviewed on this site comes with a 60 day money back guarantee. So if you didn’t like the product, you can easily get a refund. Secondly, because you can give your opinion on the product and help out other potential buyers. It’s a win-win situation.

So please feel free to start browsing the site. If you have any comments please let me know here

Who’s Frank?

Frank Denison is my pen name. Yes, I’m afraid it’s not really me. I’d prefer not to divulge my real identity over the internet, so I chose Frank to be my embodiment. The image is a stock photo, but I chose it because it sums up the no-nonsense approach I like to take. So while Frank may not be really real, the attitude he represents most certainly is.